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My E-learning Priorities
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Schulich E-learning Plan

In consultation with medicine, dentistry, and continuing professional development, create an E-learning plan that will work for all stakeholders at Schulich.

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Support Students as Partners

Work with student groups, such as the Bachelor of Medical Sciences Association, to ensure that technology-integrated learning is best supporting our learners. 

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Develop an E-learning Vision for Western

Work with other leaders across Western to develop a cohesive plan to support technology-integrated learning as an institutional priority

Make Contributions for Best E-learning Practices at a National Level

Through research, scholarship, and knowledge dissemination, contribute to the larger dialogue about e-learning in higher education.

In addition to my duties in teaching and research, I am also the  E-learning coordinator for the basic medical sciences departments at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. I work with faculty and students to promote and use best practices for technology-integrated learning. It is important to work with students as partners in this context to develop a meaningful strategy; I believe that we can use technology to better support our students' learning. 

Recent Contributions to E-learning

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     SEED’s goal is to be on the leading edge of creating, developing, integrating, and assessing education technologies and simulation across the Schulich curriculum. In response to Covid, SEED secured student digital media interns (DMIs) and appointed faculty leads to support current ad-hoc efforts in transitioning courses to an online environment (see Figure 1). SEED has also adopted a students-as-partners (SaP) approach.  Mercer-Capstone et al. (2017) define SaP as “embracing student and staff (including academic/faculty and professional staff) working together on teaching and learning in higher education.” While we were able to accomplish these initial steps with limited and fragile funding, we require further resources and support as there is much more work that needs to be done..\

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