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My inquiry eFolio for ETEC 533

  • Writer's pictureDr. Sarah McLean

Cross Country Canada... and other ways that I share that I am old.

For this post, we were asked to reflect on an experience of technology in the classroom. It could either be one in which we were a student, or we were the instructor. Below, I share my experience with Cross-Country Canada from grade 4 (circa 1994?)

My first school-related use of technology was during a computer lab in elementary school. I think I was in grade 4 and we would play "Cross Country Canada". It helped you learn about the main exports of different provinces/territories and some general information about the capital cities, for example. I have never really been that great (or interested in) geography, but playing this game did keep my attention. I have two school-aged daughters (4 and 6) and I would love to be able to show them some of the technology I used when I was young. They are used to touch screens and amazing graphics on different apps so I wonder if they will think I am ancient when I showed them what I learned in school. Do students in elementary school still have "computer lab" time? Or is it immersed in the curriculum?

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