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My inquiry eFolio for ETEC 533

  • Writer's pictureDr. Sarah McLean

Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened.

Well, that's it. I am now done my posts for ETEC 533, and with that, I'm done my MET degree. It's bittersweet, but I am glad that I persevered and completed this course, and this program. See below for some of my final thoughts regarding ETEC 533.

Folks, this is the last course and the last post of my MET degree. It's been a whirlwind, and I really enjoyed learning alongside you this term. While I wish that my attention wasn't so divided between my work, children, the pandemic, and this course, there were definitely some key takeaways that I had:

1. When thinking about using new technologies in the classroom, it is always helpful to have a pedagogical model to help frame the innovation so that it works for students and instructors alike.

2. I have learned that K-12 education is (generally) far ahead of higher education when it comes to innovative use of technology for teaching and learning. I really enjoyed the exposure to the different types of apps and tech in this course, and will be using WISE in an upcoming iteration of a third-year molecular laboratory course that I had.

3. I have found that my most meaningful learning experiences in this program have occurred when I have been able to directly draw them to my own practice. I appreciate how this course (and many of the courses that I took during my MET degree) has helped me reflect upon and improve my own teaching. This program has led me to explore new areas of education research and make new connections between disciplines that I not would have otherwise explored.

4. Finally, being a student in this program has given me such a tangible experience of the online learning environment and best practices that have been absolutely crucial to being an effective educator during the pandemic. Based on my experience in this program, I have been able to lead and support fellow faculty members and shed light on the "student experience" of being in a fully online course.

Thanks to everyone that I have met along this journey!


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