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My inquiry eFolio for ETEC 533

  • Writer's pictureDr. Sarah McLean

Learning Analytics might be a game-changer for WISE

In week 7, we learned about WISE and I wrote a post about how much I enjoyed exploring the Dengue fever lesson. As a further prompt, we were asked to consider what we would change about WISE. Upon further reflection, I think that adding in learning analytics to the WISE platform could be a really neat addition! Find out why below....

WISE was a great tool for me to explore and I found that it was practical for my own applications. I think that one thing that would be cool to add in that might help with my own students’ applications would be to have learning analytics associated with the platform. I have used different types of learning analytics for SCORM compliant modules that I have previously created through Articulate. I think with a program such as WISE some students (if they are trying to be very strategic) might skip through part/all of the lesson and lose out on some of the really cool inquiry-based components of it. I think that by including a learning analytics function within WISE this would help the instructor identify student completion. I know that other types of learning management systems, such as Echo360 also allow students to “flag” content that they find challenging. After the students complete the lesson, the instructor can go back and identify challenging content areas and help students. I think in my own classes I could use this approach in WISE but preparing a “just-in-time” teaching lesson. In previous iterations of my course, I let students a formative knowledge quiz where the last question allows them to identify any areas of difficulty that they would like me to cover in class. If this function existed in WISE this would be one “less thing” that students would have to do prior to class that would still let me meet my learners where they are and address any content misconceptions.

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