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My inquiry eFolio for ETEC 533

  • Writer's pictureDr. Sarah McLean

Let me introduce myself...

Hello everyone!

I'm Sarah McLean and I live in London, Ontario, and work at Western University. This is my LAST MET class! I got the email to apply to graduate the other day and I am so excited. Last term I took ETEC 512 and 521. It was pretty busy taking both courses at the same time but I actually found that some of the concepts and topics were complementary.

I teach undergraduate students in the basic medical sciences, and in this program, I am hoping to learn about novel ways to approach incorporating technology into my class. In particular, I think it might be interesting to investigate the adaptation of labs to a fully online environment, as this is something that many of my colleagues are struggling with right now.

My current hobbies include collecting vinyl (classic rock, hip-hop, and indie music are some favourite genres), working out on my Peloton, and setting aside time for reading. This past year I purchased a trailer a few hours from my home, and I am counting down the days until I can go back there with my children.

I have two daughters (Vivian is 6 and Betty is 4) and a stepdaughter, Claire who is also 6. Their resilience and hilarity is what is keeping me going these days. We have tried to come up with fun different things to do each day and are trying to relax the rules around the house a bit. I mean, sometimes you need to have cake for breakfast, right?

I look forward to meeting you all and interacting in this course.

I've included a picture of my favourite place... the beach at my trailer park. I can't wait to go back!

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