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Technology-integrated Learning

I believe that technology can be used to enrich students' learning experiences if implemented purposefully.

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Lightboard Videos

I have successfully used lightboard videos to create "big picture summaries" for several of my team-taught courses (Phys 2130 & 1021, ACB 3309). Students positively comment on the use of the videos as a study aid and for tying together concepts.


With funding from a teaching fellowship, I have created and implemented online decision trees (LaboraTREEs) for protocols for my 3rd year IMS lab. These "choose your own adventure" style interactive modules help students understand the underlying rationale behind various solutions and steps of molecular biology techniques.

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Flipped Classroom Design

I have developed 3 different courses in the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences  (IMS) modules that all employ a flipped-classroom design. I created online learning modules (OLMs) using Articulate, and then repurpose class time to work through case studies, discussions, and simulations.

Student-Centred Learning

I believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in creating, discussing, and sharing knowledge.


Community-Engaged Learning (CEL)

I have developed the first CEL course available to students in the BMSUE program at Schulich. This course addresses healthcare concerns in the London community, and pairs student groups with community partners to work on a mutually beneficial project.

Students as Leaders

I have had the pleasure of leading a group of students at the Western Conference on Science Education (WCSE). These student leaders were embedded through the conference and were trained to provide immediate and timely feedback for presenters from the student perspective.

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